Coloring Letters with the kids!

Coloring Letters and Numbers

With Color numbers and letters you can enjoy some wonderful drawings that you give him life with great colors
we offer.

Learn Numbers and the alphabet coloring it as you like. Do not see mathematics as something black and dark where you do not know how to enter. The multiplication table can be pink
Everything is possible with our game !! Imagination is the only border and just have to overcome!

Share your masterpieces with friends and family !!!
With the push of a button you can send by email your drawings or share on Facebook.

Through our pre drawings to color the development of imagination, the arts, enhances concentration and learning abilities of children is encouraged, and in turn the more educational fun as possible.
You can make beautiful greeting cards for your friends, even the teacher! She will be delighted with the skills of small or baby.
In addition, sharing these images generates values ​​of camaraderie and kinship between our children.

Languages ​​Application:
★ Spanish
★ English
★ Portuguese
★ Italiano

★ Choose between many colors and bright flashing effects
★ Eraser, draw it with another color if you do not like as has been
★ Lots of different designs to choose
★ Can you start over as many times as you want
★ You can save the drawing to keep your earliest works of art!
★ If you like what you’ve created, share Drawing on Facebook, DropBox, Google Drive, Email, FlipBoard, Google+,
Group play, Hangouts, Mega, Picasa, Skype, Bluetooth and many more !!

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