Pemma Pig Memory


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Pemma helps kids with 4 game modes memory. It is cute and special!


Pemma Pig Memory is a fun game for kids that will help them improve the skills of hand memory of our friend the pig Pemma.

For children aged between 3 and 6 years, the development of thought, recognizing everyday objects and animal learning is essential.

The game rules are very simple: you have to find two cards with the same design in the shortest time possible! And avoiding raising charts as few times as possible.

Game Features:
– A graphical environment very colorful and with our friend Pemma Pig.
– 3 difficulty levels: easy with a 4×3 board, medium and difficult 4×4 cards with 4×6.
– The reasons for the cards are fun farm animals such as sheep, goats and chickens; Pets such as dogs, cats, and turtles; and exotic as elephants, rhinos and tigers.

Disclaimer: All images, logos and sounds used are free or were created by our design team.

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