I Win


Yo gano Tap crushing defeats

Yo Gano! I win! is the ideal way to solve an argument!

It’s as simple as splitting the screen into two halves, one for each player, where you have to click as many times as you can before time runs out! The more times you press player is the winner!

An easy and fun way to end all kinds of disagreements as to who gets to walk the dog, do the dishes, picking up toys, etc..

You have to take out the trash …
You have to walk the dog …
Dishes not scrub alone …

There’s a goat in my room …
The elephant ate my homework ….
The raccoon stole my bike …
5 more minutes … I win!

Do you like to waste time playing the latest video games trendy 4k real 3D graphics and accessories like oculus rift?
Would you rather be 90 long minutes running after a ball as if you were a dog you throw the ball?
Would you rather be in a bar drinking like a fish to see who falls to the ground before and feel like being with more stamina land while you swing like a sick duck vulgar?

Do not!
To waste time in useless discussions when you can fix it in 17 frantic seconds?

Choose now to our fantastic offer incredible price of 0$! and Get:
-All the adrenaline that you can withstand
-A glass of water if you’re going to find yourself
-Even the satisfaction of a victory gained by the sweat of your fingers.

All this and more can be yours with a simple download!

And remember:
When eating, TAP.
When you drink, TAP.
When you sleep, TAP.
When you go to the bathroom, TAP.
When you cough, TAP.
When you choke, TAP.
When you tap, TAP! TAP! TAP!!

Yo Gano! the game for the whole family … especially if you fall wrong ;)